If you are looking for an ideal gift for friend, mom or the gym instructor, the fitness band would be an ideal option. The fitbit is one of the most popular activity trackers. However, before you purchase one, explore this guide to determine the right model as per your situation. Here are the widely used fitbit models with their features, price and functionality. The fitbit bands comparison will help you make a wise choice.

The trendy fitbit zip is available at a cheap rate of $59. It is the least expensive tracker of the bunch. This water resistant and small device can easily clip onto the clothing. It comes with an easy to read display. You can choose from a range of bright colors available.

Also, you can sync the device wirelessly with other compatible devices. The battery lasts for as much as six months in a go. If you are a casual athlete who wants an affordable and simple tracker, this could be your ideal choice.

The fitbit one and its enticing features

Another popular choice is the fitbit one. It will cost you around $100 or even less. You could easily clip the device onto your clothing. The gadget will track distance, steps, the floors climbed, the calories burned, active minutes and the sleep. Not only this, it comes with a clock and a silent vibrating alarm. You could easily sync wirelessly to all the compatible devices. Battery is likely to last for as much as 14 days. It is ideal for all the enthusiasts who wish to monitor their fitness activities but hate to wear anything on their wrists.

The fitbit flex is a flexible device that tracks your fitness. It does not come along with any display screen. However, the display LED lights will help you track almost everything. It has an average battery life of about five days. This water resistant wrist band is ideal for every fitness freak.

What you must look in a gadget?

The fitbit flex 2 is the latest version of the flex. This customizable and swim proof band is winning the hearts. It is defined as the slimmest wrist band introduced by the company till date. Moreover, you could remove it and easily place it in other pendants as per your choice.

The battery will last for about five days straight. It is ideal for swimmers, who want a tracker to improve their performance. With amazing interchangeable accessories and other coveted features, this is the best in class gadget. The best thing is you get everything for $100.

The fitbit charge will cost you around $130, but it is definitely worth investing on it. Some of the enticing features that make it better over others are sleep tracker, auto sleep detection, caller ID, silent vibrating alarm, clock etc. The battery will easily last for as much as 10 days. It is an ideal gift for all the dedicated athletes. There are many other models to choose from.