Investing in a new product is a relatively big deal, especially if you’re going to choose the most suitable products for your application. Unfortunately, Heat Exchanger Tubes don’t last forever and they need to be replaced every so often, this can either be as a result of wear and tear or faulty operation.

If you, like many other people, aren’t too keen on the idea of replacing your Heat Exchanger Tubes, there are several reasons why you should consider one of the tubes supplied by Tube Suppliers like USEL Tubular Division! Although “they don’t make them like they used to” is relevant for some items, this isn’t necessarily the case with a Heat Exchanger Tube.

When searching for high-quality products, you’re in capable hands with the team of experts at USEL Tubular Division and they can provide you with appropriate products that match your needs and wants perfectly, both in terms of performance and cost.

In order to keep a Heat Exchanger Tube in use, you need to regularly assess the way that it performs and upgrade it should it be underperforming.

Investing in a new Heat Exchanger

Whether it be a Finned Tube or Heat Exchanger Tube, you’re sure to find what you need at USEL Tubular Division!

New tubes can often be better-designed in more than one way and the older equipment tends to perform less favourably in terms of efficiency. An older heat exchanger is less efficient; it consumes more energy and requires more downtime and maintenance.

Choosing a new Finned Tube from Tube Suppliers like USEL Tubular Division will enable you to operate for longer time periods and reduce your expenditure costs because there is less maintenance and servicing required.

Why not take advantage of the new capabilities offered by new Heat Exchanger Tubes from Tube Suppliers?

Upgrading a Heat Exchanger

There is no set time that you need to upgrade your Finned Tube, it merely depends on your application and your unique circumstances. Choosing to replace your Heat Exchanger Tube whilst it’s working is seemingly an odd thing to do, however, you need to know when the best time to upgrade is.

With tight operating costs, many people are looking to keep their costs to an overall minimum and don’t intend on fixing equipment until it breaks. In the chemical processing industry, this is not ideal and you need to invest in new equipment to enhance performance, improve productivity and efficiency.

Repairing a Finned Tube

There are several common faults that occur with the Heat Exchanger Tubes; these include corrosion, fouling and thermal expansion. Each of these factors can impact on the reliability of heat transfer, leading to a lack of efficiency and prolonged processing time.

Purchasing a new tube from Tube Suppliers will enable you to replace the existing broken heat exchanger with one that functions more efficiently, allowing you to restore normality.

Choosing the right Heat Exchanger

USEL Tubular Division has various solutions available for you to choose from and different styles work for different applications. When choosing a Heat Exchanger or Finned Tube, you need to consider safety and make sure that you choose equipment that is made from the best materials and offers high safety standards.

You can expect to find the following tubes at USEL Tubular Division:

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