Unless you’re the last person on the planet to get rid of your old-fashioned flip phone, you are probably aware of all of the choices you have when it comes to smartphones. The choices seem limitless and they can make choosing a new mobile difficult for some people. However, these five tips can help you select the best smartphone for your needs.

Start with Budget

Before you start shopping for a smartphone, decide how much you can afford to spend on a plan or a new mobile. While a plan might be tempting because it includes a shiny new smartphone, you may save more money in the long run by purchasing a mobile outright. Don’t just choose a plan based on its price, but compare the available plans in your area to find one with the amount of data and type of mobile that best suits your needs.

Buy Outright or Through a Plan?

While some mobile plans will include a smartphone, you should consider purchasing a phone outright. Owning your smartphone will allow you to pay less for many mobile plans and you can switch plans, but keep the same mobile, whenever you wish. However, you can easily spend $300 to $500 on a smartphone when you buy it outright, so you will need to decide which is better for your budget: buying a mobile or choosing a plan that includes a new smartphone.

Research Operating Systems

There are four different operating systems for smartphones: the iOS system for iPhones, Windows, Samsung, and the Android operating system. When you’re shopping for a mobile, research these systems to determine which smartphone will have the features and apps you want. While the operating systems work similarly to each other, they don’t offer the same apps or features and cannot access all of the same music, video, or e-book downloads available online.

Determine Needs

Not everyone wants a mobile with the ability to download a catalogue of e-books or a music library, so you will need to decide which features are important to you. Once you decide you need the ability to download certain types of media or share files from your computer, you can find the best smartphone in Australia for your particular needs. It can also help you select the right plan, if you don’t wish to buy a mobile outright.

Check Coverage Area

Check which mobile plans are advertised in your area and then compare their service coverage as they may not provide the coverage you want or need. Check coverage maps on plans you’re interested in to make sure your calls won’t drop while driving in the suburbs. In addition, check the data speeds available. Most smartphones now offer 4G, but it isn’t available in all areas, especially if you live in a less populated area.

By doing some research, you can find the best smartphone and mobile plan for your needs. Decide how much you can afford to spend and which features you want before shopping for smartphones and plans in your area.