Who wishes to own a car? Well, that’s an absurd question. Actually, who wouldn’t want to own a car? Investing in cars is one of the most expensive investments of life and yes we all aspire to drive our own car. For many people, spending money on a brand new vehicle might seem quite difficult, and in such cases, buying a used car is not a bad option.

Following are 5 essential things that you must consider while purchasing a used vehicle –

  1. Buying or Leasing: The difference between leasing and buying comes down to the ownership part. Unlike buying, where ownership is transferred, when you lease a car the ownership is not transferred to your name, so basically you do not own the car. The investment in leasing is split into monthly charges of using the vehicle in addition to the initial down payment. So, at the end, if you sum up you will realize that you would have ended up paying much more than you could have paid to buy the car. There are many other hidden charges associated with leased cars. So, the best thing is buying and not leasing.
  1. Take the Mileageinto Account: If the car can promise higher mileage, only then go for it; otherwise step back no matter how much you like it. These days most cars can run about 200,000 miles. So, say ‘no’ to those cars, which have touched or are near to this mileage rangebecause ultimately, you will spend close to the price of a new car only on maintenance. Ask whether the miles are mostly city miles or highway miles. Highway miles are better than city miles, but in a nutshell, you should look at the ones that haven’t even touched the 100,000 mark.
  1. The Car’s Age: It is important to know how old the car is before you make up your mind to buy it. For newer cars, you will be required to spend lesser money on repairs and maintenance compared to older ones. If you are looking for second hand cars in Navi Mumbai for sale, then search for a genuine seller who will disclose the right age and correct facts about the car.
  1. Looks: The visual appearance of the car speaks much about its condition. Look closely to identify if there are any scratches, rusts or dents. Presence of these things reduces the car’s appeal, and in turn, its value too.
  2. Test Drive: This is the most important step. Don’t fall for a car without driving it. It doesn’t matter if that particular model has a very good track record, because for a used car things may change. So, test drive and judge the performance of the car.

Follow these tips when you go out to purchase a used car. If these things are in place, then it is definitely worth it to invest in a used car.